Highly Cleanable Office Furniture For High Traffic Areas Helps Fight Infections

High traffic areas are constantly being touched and germs are being spread on all the furniture in your office and other public places. If you work in a hospital, DMV, courthouse, or other public place the challenge of keeping germs from spreading is even higher. So what kind of office furniture should you choose when shopping for these high traffic areas?

Although wooden furniture is beautiful and holds up well, it is porous and does not kill off bacteria and/or pathogens. It absorbs them. The bugs, bacteria, and nasties are sucked into the first millimeter or so of the wood and are trapped there. They generally live a couple of hours. This means that with all of those people coming through, sitting down, touching things, and sneezing the germs are hanging out for awhile. Wood also degrades with a lot of cleaning. Wood furniture is not the best choice for these types of locations.

The best choice is highly cleanable plastic or other material without many crevices that can withstand a lot of cleaning. If you would like some help picking office furniture for these areas please feel free to call, email, or come in today. We would love to help you.  

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