Good News For The Office Furniture Industry

We came across this interesting article talking about how the office furniture industry is holding very steady and manufacturers are optimistic. 


An index score of 100 is the highest possible; an index of 50 is neutral, reflecting no change. Anything lower than 50 is a negative reflection.

Highlights of the January survey are:

  • Gross shipments measured 52.28, significantly lower than the 39-survey average of 57.35, and order backlog was 54.36, slightly lower than the long-term average of 56.45.
  • The employment index of 52.31 is slightly above the 39-survey average of 51.81 The hours worked index rose to 54.47, slightly below the 39-survey average of 55.27.
  • The capital expenditures rose to 56.58 and tooling expenditures slipped to 55.26. Dunlap said these compare to their 39-survey averages of 55.32 and 55.60, respectively.
  • New product development fell to 61.54, below the long-term average of 63.34.
  • Raw material costs rose slightly to 48.33, which is much better than the long-term average of 44.13. Employee costs dipped to 45.61. The 39-survey average is 46.85.
  • The personal outlook index jumped from 57.38 to 64.62 and is well above the long-term average of 54.31. Dunlap noted that this score was the highest since January 2006.


Here is a link to the article:

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