Where to get office Furniture?

Wondering where to get office furniture? As a consumer you have a lot of choices of where to purchase your furniture for your office. There are some questions to ask before you choose.


1. Do you have a space plan for your office? Before you can shop for office furniture, you will need to measure the space to make sure that everything you want is going to fit. You have to take into consideration where outlets, poles, or anything else that might impede putting the furniture where you want it. If you need help with space planning, you want to make sure you choose a place that offers space planning by a professional. At San Diego Office we have professional space planners to help you with all of your questions. 

2. Will the office furniture you purchase need to be assembled? If so, does the store you are purchasing it from offer assembly? We offer assembly by our professional in-house team.

3. Does the store have the selection you want? Maybe you've been searching all over the place and you are just not finding what you want. You want to make sure you love the office furniture you choose because you will probably have it for quite awhile. You don't want to just settle for something because it is all you can find. We offer a huge selection of new and used furniture with many styles, brands, and colors to choose from. 

4. Do they have good customer service? You want to make sure that if you find something missing or broken when your office furniture is being assembled, is there someone you can call to help you? Be sure you feel comfortable with the people you are working with on your purchase. Even if you are buying online, be sure to call the store to be sure that they can help you if you make a purchase. 


Have more questions? Please feel free to call, email, or come in to one of our locations. We would be happy to help you!

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