How To Pick Out Office Chairs

With so many options, picking out office chairs can be an overwhleming task. Here are some things to think about when deciding: 

Material: Leather vs Fabric
Size: 22 inch vs 17 inch
Arms vs No arms 
Style: Modern vs Contemporary vs Classic
Sled vs legs

When deciding on material, one things to consider is if people will be eating in their chairs or if things will be spilling on them. If so, leather might be the best option, as it is easier to clean. The size of the chair really depends on how big the person is. Arms are better if someone will be sitting for a long time. Style is a personal choice. Think about the style your customers and brand would best be described as. Sled is more stable but will scape the floor more, so it depends what type of flooring you have.

The best way to pick out a chair is to sit in it. We have a lot of samples of chairs in our showrooms. Feel free to come in and try them out. Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you.  

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