What Your Office Chair Says About You


“A chair is not just a chair – it’s a reflection of your personality…that can tell an eloquent historic tale,” states Robin Jay of Opulence Magazine, “What else but a chair could trace trends in aesthetics, ergonomics, cultural growth, social status and technology?” And he was right, going on to describe cultural and social movements changing the design of modern chairs, his final example being office chairs (2013).

Though many see their chair simply as an extension of the work environment, few realize how much it can say about the person who fills its seat. Designer Shearyadi challenges the public by his article on task and lounge chairs made of sticks, ropes, steel or other chairs (2008). But, what would a huge aluminum film Big Bag chair tucked into a cubicle workstation say about you?

Okay, so no one in their right mind would bring a Big Bag chair to work and believe their boss would give them the go ahead. (The ergonomics chair masters would certainly have something to say when employees wouldn’t reach their desks comfortably!) But certainly there is a balance to be had about personality meeting purpose, and I believe there are three main characteristics of a chair that speak volumes of its owner.

1. Materials. Is your task chair a flashy color or of an eclectic composition? If a colorful design is the forte of one’s office chair, it’s obvious that either the person has a keen eye for style or they love the conversation that ensues from a unique chair. Bright colors and unique shapes can exude energy and curiosity, thereby energizing one’s socially-inclined workspace.

2. Age. Did you buy a used office chair or have you simply worn it in after much TLC? Buying used furniture is perfect for those who are economically savvy and environmentally friendly. Used furniture allows the buyers to still obtain high quality products at a lower cost. And by doing so, create less wasted office furniture.

3. Hygiene. Is it clean? Clearly no one wants sticky armrests and endless crumbs poking between the seams of an office chair’s fabric. On the other hand, co-workers probably don’t want to be near an obsessive cleaner, constantly spraying disinfectant on the headrest or scraping the wheels clean with a toothpick. However, a hygiene-friendly chair clearly states professionalism and that you value self-image and organization.

Of course there are many more characteristics that office furniture can say about you. Just imagine, if your desk could talk, what would it say?


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