Feng Shui Office Tips 

Feng Shui is becoming more and more popular when doing design for the home and office. We found some great tips to help you Feng Shui your office environment. 

- Create a "mountain environment" by putting a big plant in the corner behind your desk. This will ground you, purify the air, and absorb negative energy.

- Keep your office neat and clutter free

- Use essential oils, fountains, and crystals like pyrite 

- Put a bamboo "money plant" near your computer facing the door

- Have a good focal point in your office

- Make sure you can see the door from your desk. If your back is to the door, put a mirror or shiny object so you can see it.

- Put pictures of things that make you feel really good around your office. 

- Make sure to have nice lighting so you're office is bright and cheerful. Use lamps if necessary.


If you have any questions on arranging your new office space feel free to contact us. 

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