San Diego Office & Modular had a surprise visitor today. Upon arriving to her office, the marketing director noticed a little bird sitting on one of the cubicles on the second floor of our huge building. It sat there and stared at her for a minute. Not wanting to hurt it, the marketing director tried to decide the best way to get it outside. The bird flew from the cubicle over to one of the artificial trees we sell, so she tried picking the tree up but it just flew to the window.

Not knowing what to do, the marketing director tried to chirp at the bird & hold her hand out. Slowly, the bird inched closer to her hand. After a minute, the director slowly scooped the bird onto her hand with the other hand, hoping the bird would sit in her hand. It did! She took the bird downstairs & placed it safely outside! We love animals at San Diego Office & Modular Design! We also love our customers. Come visit us any time.

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