When designing your office, executive desks can be some of the most important pieces. When a client walks into your office your desk and other furniture is a kind of indication of your success. If you have old or cheap looking desks and a client comes to your office they are going to make a judgement that maybe your aren't doing too well, since you can't even afford a nice desk. You want to get the nicest executive desks you can afford.

Here at San Diego Office Furniture and Modular Design we have a large selection of executive desks that will make you proud to invite clients to your office.

For the budget conscious you can choose from our selection of used desks or check out the bow front desk. It has a nice design and a laminate finish. See it here:


Our Venice series executive desk is a mid-priced desk that is modern yet elegant. You can see it here:


The Mendocino desk is very impressive and will give you that look of success. It blends together executive style, scale and characteristics with the beauty of wood craftsmanship. Complex shape work surface edges coordinate with decorative pedestal molding and hutch tops. You can choose from different finishes and accessories. See it here:


Hopefully these suggestions will give you a good place to start when looking for executive desks for your office. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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