How to Create A Comfortable Office Reception Waiting Room For Your Clients

If you have customers or clients coming into your office at a scheduled time, most likely you'll want to have a nice, welcoming, comfortable office reception or waiting room area. There are many ways to create a beautiful office space on any budget and any size space with the right office furniture, paint, carpeting, and accent features.

First, you want to decide if you want a reception desk. Do you have a receptionist or greeter for customers? There are many styles and sizes to choose from and can be as simple as a small desk if you do not have a large space. You want the reception desk to be easily accessible for people coming in but also a bit back from the seating area to ensure customer privacy while they talk to the receptionist.

Next comes the seating. If you'll only have one or two clients waiting at a time, you can choose larger, more comfortable office chairs and seating in a living room type arrangement . If you'll have quite a few people and little space, you might want to consider small chairs. If it is a medical office or other area where germs may be easily spread, or children will be common, you definitely want to consider easily cleanable surfaces for your reception seating.

You'll most likely want a light, bright shade for the paint. Studies show that different colors affect mood differently, so you want to set the mood of your office right away. Blue, green, and pink shades have been shown to be calming on people. Red is a buying, action color and orange and yellow are for excitement. Consider the intention of your customers and how you want to feel when choosing colors for your office. Carpeting is another area where you want something very durable and in an inviting color.

Finally comes the accents. Art, objects for the tables, plants, and reading material can all give customers a good vibe while waiting if chosen with the customer in mind. You want the accent pieces to be in alignment with your brand and personality.

Whatever you decide, San Diego Office Furniture & Modular Design is here to help. Our expert designers can come out to your office space for free and in as little as 15 minutes help you design the office of your dreams. Call, come in, or shop online today!

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