National Emoji Day- Is It Appropriate to Use Emojis in the Office?

National Emoji Day

You've written an email or a text and you want to be sure it isn't taken too seriously or add a little love at the end of it. Is it appropriate to add an emoji to it to convey how you are feeling as you write?

Many people will say it is unprofessional to use emojis at the office and with people you work with. Emojis seem childish and informal. The general rule seems to be that national emoji day or not, they are not ok.

However, what if you are friends with the people you work with or the office is more casual? Is it ok then? Everyone knows each other and sees each other every day, no one is going to be upset if you throw a smiley face in here and there, right? Besides, emojis are main stream now. Everyone uses them!

So what do you think? Is it ok to use emojis in the office or not?

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