Does Your Office Reception Desk Make a Great First Impression?

Let's face it, people start judging your company as soon as they walk in the door. If your furniture looks old and dingy people will think you must not be doing very well in business or that you just don't care about details. If you have a nice reception desk in your office, people will think more highly of your business.

How do you feel when you walk into your office? If you haven't looked around in awhile, try to see your office from a client or customer point of view. Go through these questions and be honest with yourself:

Is it clean?

How does the paint look?

What about the pictures and decorations?

What about the seating in the waiting area?

Is it comfortable and inviting?

Is your office reception desk in good shape and clean?

Is the furniture outdated or cheap looking?

What impression does it give when you first walk in and look around?

After this evaluation, if you decide that maybe it isn't giving the right impression give us a call. We offer free space planning and can fill you in on the newest and most popular looks at a great price. You can also shop online here:

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