Did You Wait Until The Last Minute To Order Office Furniture For Your New Office? We Got You!

Did you find yourself in one of these scenarios:

- You moved into a new office building and were so excited, you didn't get a chance to order the new cubicles, desks, office chairs, and office supplies you needed.

- You are hiring more employees for the new office and they are starting right away, but you have no space to put them with the big cubicles you currently have and don't want to settle for crappy, cheap office furniture.

- You didn't realize how long it takes to have new office furniture installed.

We have a solution for you! We have an office furniture loaner program that can have temporary furniture installed in your office in as little as 3 days so that you have the time to wait for your awesome new office furniture to arrive in 3 to 6 weeks!

All you do is have one of our space planning experts come out to your office to help you pick out the office of your dreams to fit all of your employees and meet their needs. Once you've got your office space all planned out, we bring in our loaner furniture for free within 3 days to use until your dream office furniture comes in. All you pay for is the delivery & installation of the free loaner office furniture and you're all setup and ready to work!

Our customers love this option! It gives you a chance to pick out things you really want for the office without feeling pressured to settle for something because it's quick.

We also have one of the quickest office installation times because our installers are employees of San Diego Office and can be ready quickly to deliver and install as soon as your furniture arrives!

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