In 2015 we saw a trends changing into more modern open spaces. The top 5 tends focused on Mobility, Networking, Communication, Efficiency and Design. AT NeoCon in July, you saw a glimpse into what is to be expected for the year 2016. Business want to keep up with the new looks so that they will appear up to date & knowledgeable. Changing trends are going towards design that promotes efficiency and productivity. With styles that include Convertible Workstations and Homier looks. You will see technology being more incorporated with desks and conference tables that are ready to plug and play and full use workspaces your mother would be furious about, like idea walls and panels that you can write directly on.

Creating more open, free-flowing work spaces with central zones (center based meeting areas) promotes healthy interaction, communication and productivity. It is efficient and allows everyone to keep their eye on the ball.

If your work space is out dated, you should have a space planner provide an evaluation and conceptualize a more efficient, productive work space that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

You will see a lot of this modernization in creative work spaces. For the larger IT companies like Microsoft and Google, innovation is the objective. Their world is constantly changing. So, they create work spaces that allow for the creative juices to flow.