Written by Amy Hawkins

Pregnancy is such an amazing experience that comes with great benefits; glowing skin, longer and stronger hair and nails, and a cute baby when it's all over! Unfortunately, it's not all cute maternity tops all the time. With pregnancy comes a constant struggle to find a comfortable position, especially in the workplace. Feet swelling and lower back pain are two common pains that make staying focused at work that much harder, but using ergonomic products to keep your body moving and comfortable will make a huge difference in your daily work performance. Here are 5 must-have items to help make being pregnant at work easier:

AMQ Activ Sit-to-Stand Tables
Standing or sitting too long can hurt your lower back, especially with the added abdominal weight that comes along with your baby. Keeping the same position can also constrict blood flow throughout your body, and cause poor circulation. In order to keep mom and baby comfortable, we need to keep mom and baby moving! Switching positions (sitting to standing) will help dramatically in improving circulation.

RightAngle Monitor Arm
No lower back pain is great, but neck pain is just as distracting! Keep your chin up and pain down by ensuring the top third of your monitor height is level with your eyes, taking strain off of your neck and spine when working.

RightAngle Keyboard Tray
Just like staying stationary can affect your circulation, poor arm and wrist angling can, too. It can also cause nerve pinching (hello, carpal tunnel!) which is never fun, especially when preparing for a newborn. Ideally when typing or using your mouse, you want your elbow to be at a 90 degree angle, and your wrists to be straight. This will take strain off of your median nerve passing through your carpal tunnel, allowing a comfortable position for productive typing. We recommend a keyboard tray that incorporates the ability to change its height, depth on the desk, and angle in which you are typing.

9-5 Strata Drafting Stool / Task Chair
When sitting, make sure you have proper support. Key functions to look for in picking out an ergonomic chair include seat slider, rotating arms, proper lumbar support, and seat height adjustments. All of these factors will reflect on your overall health and comfort, and are a necessity. Lifetime warranties are also a great thing to look out for!

VariDesk TheMat 34
As mentioned, keeping your body moving between sit-to-stand positions in crucial, but just like sitting, we need to ensure you're getting proper support when standing. Standing mats will assist in keeping circulation moving throughout your legs and spine, as they allow the body to make slight, yet dramatic, movements without even having to think about it! This mat allows you to move naturally as you stand, without putting strain or pressure on your spine like it would on a hard surface.

VariDesk Pro Desk
This freestanding desk is a cost efficient alternative to other adjustable height units. Though it is not electric, it gives you all of the benefits of a standard sit-to-stand desk!

Using these 5 products, Mommy's-To-Be will be as comfortable as can be, while keeping up productivity in the workplace! If you would like more assistance in finding the right ergonomic products for your space, or would like to arrange for an ergonomic evaluation or training for your office staff, please reach out to us at sales@sd-office.com

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Linda . 2018-03-10 15:38:09

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