Refurbishing Services

Cubicle refurbishing is growing in popularity as professionals around the country learn the value of restoring their used office furnishings to like-new condition instead of replacing them and sending tons of still-useable office furniture to the bottom of our nation’s landfills.

Office Furniture Now provides plenty of ways for you to restore your cubicles so you don’t waste money on brand new cubicles you may not actually need. We offer the following cubicle refurbishing services:

  • Onsite cubicle cleaning
  • Recovering panels with new fabric (for an additional fee)
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Lamination
  • Fabri-coating
  • Wood refinishing

Our professional refurbishing staff will ensure your finished cubicles meet with your complete satisfaction. If you have used cubicles you no longer want, we can also help you with removal and installation of replacement cubicles. We offer used cubicles in multiple sizes from 3 ft wide and up, and we’re happy to provide layout assistance as well. Since we keep hundreds of used workstations and used office panel systems in stock, we can accommodate most orders and

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